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21 Blockchain Projects Disrupting The Real Estate Industry in 2019

With house prices out of control, homelessness peaking, and political shift imminent, it’s time the real estate industry got a shakedown.

Blockchain technology is reshaping the real estate sector with solutions that enable fractional investment, secure rentals, seamless property sales, real estate tokenization, property management and much more.

Check out our top 2019 picks for real estate blockchain project disrupting the real estate market.


Propy focuses on speeding up real estate processes across borders. Propy’s platform allows real estate buyers and sellers to browse and advertise properties in San Francisco, New York, Beijing, Moscow, Dubai, Los Angeles, Miami, and London. Deploying smart contract technology, real estate transactions are completed digitally and recorded on the blockchain. This speeds up the process and reduces the costs associated with middlemen. Propy targets international buyers, positioning themselves as the real estate solution for international property purchases.


Brickblock provides a one-stop solution for potential property investors and those seeking funding for property development projects. Brickblock tears down the barriers to international investment by using blockchain technology to create a global investor pool. This speeds up access to funding for project managers and reduces costs of administration.


CurveBlock is a real estate blockchain platform aimed at property development investment. Users purchases CurveBlock tokens to stake against property development projects, in return for a share of the profit made from the project. Functioning similarly to Brickblock, the tokenization process means that investors can get on the ladder without having to invest in an entire development.

Property Club

PropertyClub is a New York-based company that offers an NYC real estate blockchain platform. User can list properties or search properties for sale or rent. The intuitive platform enables users to search by price, location, and rooms, as well as viewing properties on a map. All transactions are recorded to the blockchain and can be completed in Bitcoin or Property Club’s own token PCC.


Targeting commercial properties, AssetBlock is a new platform on the Alogrand blockchain. The platform aims to provide access to commercial property investment, such as high-end restaurants and luxury hotels. AssetBlock chose Alogrand thanks to its super-fast finality, to ensure there is no dispute on the ownership of high-value assets on the AssetBlock.


Rentberry is another real estate project aimed at the rental market. Working to ease the rental process, tenants can quickly search and find apartments using the Rentberry platform. Tenants can also pay their rental fees online through the platform. For property owners, Rentberry serves as a management and communication platform for tenants to log faults and maintenance, to provide credit reports and recommendations, and to keep in touch in a secure environment.


Imbrex is also aiming to disrupt the rental market with a platform that connects buyers and sellers of properties across the world. This platform also enables agents to list properties and talk directly with potential buyers through the platform, speeding up the process. Imbrex prides itself on its security, with all information being secured on the company’s private blockchain.


ShelterZoom is a real estate transaction platform designed to integrate into commercial real estate websites. ShelterZoom’s Ethereum-based platform has a mobile app, dashboard, and widget that enables buyers to view properties listed by the estate agent and contact the agent directly using a chat function. The company has won several awards, including the SIIA CODie for Best Emerging Technology 2018 and Company of the Year – Blockchain by CIO Applications.


Harbor isn’t strictly a real estate platform; it deals with the tokenization of all types of private securities. Harbor handles compliance to ensure that the tokenization of real estate, private REIT’s, land, funds, and so on is all above board. This enables assets to increase in value transparently while transferring hard-to-trade assets into sources of liquidity.


ManageGo is another rental blockchain project designed to assist property owners and managers with their workflows. The platform enables payment processing, along with in-depth credit checks. The system can also be used as a maintenance ticketing platform for renters. Overall, the platform is designed to ease management and create transparency in payment history for renters and landlords.


Buildium is a cloud-based software that works with blockchain to provide a cost-effective solution for property management. The platform also provides an easy-to-navigate dashboard for day-to-day activities of landlords and property managers. The platform offers everything from document storage solutions to team management workflows and payments.


An SaaS solution for real estate record-keeping, Ubitquity’s platform, and API provide a system for digitalizing legacy documentation, recording it, and tracking it. This cuts out errors in public records, contracts, wills, and all manner of legal documentation while ensuring secure property ownership transfer and the prevention of forgeries.


Another real estate investment platform, RealBlocks opens up avenues to property investment through fractional ownership. To help new landlords and property investors build their portfolios, RealBlocks uses tokenization and blockchain’s transparent ledger technology to ease access into the markets. The use of smart contracts also speeds up the process, increases liquidity, and reduces costs.

The Bee Token

The Bee Token can be likened to a blockchain AirBnB, disrupting the real estate market in a completely lateral way. Using the concept of home sharing, The Bee Token has built a platform enabling homeowners to rent their properties and rooms. The BeeNest network lets users pay and accept cryptocurrency and all transactions are recorded on the blockchain.


Streetwire has a completely different target audience: real estate data providers and consumers. Streetwire offers a platform for data providers such as brokers, appraisers, and lawyer to get paid for the data they produce. This is sold to data consumers, such as financial funds and institutions, who use this data to advertise their products.


A crowdfunding platform for real estate, Fundrise aims to help property investors get into the market with as little as $500. Introducing electronic Real Estate Investment Funds (eREITs), Fundrise tokenize real estate assets to raise funds for property developers. Investors profits from the value increase on the project.


Meridio provides a commercial platform for property owners looking to sell digital shares of their commercial property. Connecting corporate investors with individual commercial real estate owners, Meridio enables property owners to liquidate portions of their property in a secure environment.


CPROP, short for CryptoProperties, is a blockchain development company that builds data applications to optimize the real estate industry. Dissecting the market and pinpointing the bottlenecks in the industry, CPROP provide technological solutions for brokerage transactions, property development, insurance, investment management, and more.

Smart Realty

SMARTRealty hones in on providing smart contract solutions for real estate transactions. Covering rental payments, new mortgage agreements, home purchases, and more, SMARTRealty builds tight smart contract solutions to automate real estate processes. This speeds up processes and establishes protocols for immediate dissolvement if contract conditions aren’t met.


Roofstock provides a unique solution that targets leased single-family homes. The platform enables sellers to advertise their rental properties for sale, have investors vet properties, and purchase tokenized real estate. This eases the buy/sell process without disrupting leasers.

The Lending Coin

Designed to help with financing real estate. The Lending Coin is a peer-to-peer blockchain lending platform. Thanks to the lack of intermediaries in blockchain technology, interest rates are minimal for borrowers, while all transactions are transparent and traceable.