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Today in Crypto – Wednesday, 6th November, 2019

Here are the 5 biggest news stories in crypto today:

  1. France to offer schoolchildren Bitcoin classes Following a small trial that started in June, France will now be inserting an extra module into the curriculum. Students will learn about BTC, its impact, and its potential future as a currency. This comes as little surprise as France is seen as somewhat of a leader in blockchain tech and common regulatory frameworks.
  2. Federal Reserve responds to crypto arms race with further employment opportunities Following China’s big crypto turnaround, the US are doubling down to ensure their place in the fight to the top. A recent job posting by the Federal Reserve for a ‘retail payments manager’ will create a new position that focuses on digital currency research, distributed ledger technology, and stablecoins.
  3. EU report urges European Central Bank to create crypto ahead of Libra After criticisms by France and Germany that Libra may interrupt the financial sector, talks about the creation of a public digital currency have been on the table. A new draft text by the EU has advised that the European Central Bank not only create a digital currency, but also that a common approach is reached for dealing with high-risk projects.
  4. Coinbase amasses reams of sensitive data on users Under the guise of identifying stolen credit cards, big companies including Airbnb and Coinbase, are storing and analyzing consumer data using third party organizations. Interestingly, this data, which includes login times, messages, and payment history, can now be requested from these third parties – showing consumers the true extent to which data being collected on them daily.
  5. Chinese state-owned media declare the country’s interest in blockchain tech, not crypto Crypto has seen a significant boost in China recently on account of the President’s endorsement of blockchain tech. Despite this, state-owned media outlet, People’s Daily, claim that China is dropping funds into blockchain infrastructure technology, rather than dubious digital currencies.