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Today in Crypto – Monday, 4th November, 2019

Here are the 5 biggest news stories in crypto today:

  1. Telegram go ahead with wallet release despite SEC lawsuit Despite being in the middle of a court case with the SEC, Telegram has released its test crypto wallet for its ‘gram’ token. Available to download on Windows, MacOS, and Linux 64 bit, Telegram boasts “Now you have a wallet only you control – directly, without middlemen or bankers”. Users are able to receive special testnet gram tokens for test transactions.
  2. Ex-exchange CEO loses private key storing customers’ BTC Former CEO of Zimbabwe’s biggest crypto exchange, Tawanda Kembo, alleges that he lost the private key to access the cold wallet, which stores all his customers’ BTC. Critics link this ‘accident’ in 2018 to a rise in customers withdrawing their bitcoin from the company, Golix. Kembo denies this, claiming that the issue has been exaggerated out of context.
  3. Bittrex sued over SIM hacks Bittrex is being taken to court over another SIM swap scam. Criminals stole 100 BTC, totalling nearly $1M by hacking SIM cards. Swapping SIMs via AT&T, hackers used Bittrex to take the funds. Bittrex is being sued as its allegedly ignored its own security standards.
  4. Bittrex sued over SIM hacks A recent report by the University of Texas surmises that the 207 BTC boom was likely due to one lone whale investors, as opposed to thousands of individual evangelists. Tether furiously denies any manipulation of the market.
  5. Daedalus wallet update goes live ahead of schedule Having been ordered to compensate his former partner 500K BTC, Craig Wright has pulled out of the deal with the Kleiman estate saying he can’t pay. The trial is now back on to settle Wright’s duty to repay half the BTC he and his partner mined back in 2014.