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While FinTech investment fell sharply at the start of 2019, the introduction of IOEs and the demand for more secure banking services is still driving venture capitalists to plow money into banking and financial blockchain solutions. But who is investing…

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From 2009 to 2017, the hotel industry increased from $116 billion to $185 billion. A striking figure, it’s no wonder that tech companies are targeting the industry in a bid to improve efficiency and disrupt bottlenecks. With hospitality tech edging…


Hospitality can cover a broad spectrum – from restaurants to hotels, from flights to loyalty programs. Consider that Americans spending 44% of their budget eating out and the hotel industry sustaining a 5-6% annual growth. This make hospitality a prime…

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It’s 2017/18 and the ICO world is blossoming. Crypto projects are popping up faster than molehills. The palpable excitement is buzzing as blockchain jargon fills the air. ICO funding as at an all-time high. Projects push the investment ceiling well…

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A study by CREtech showed that investors plowed over $9.5 billion into real estate tech (PropTech) in 2018. This 23% increase in PropTech investment from 2017 demonstrates the drive to disrupt the real estate industry with new systems and technologies….

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Blockchain technology is reshaping the real estate sector with solutions that enable fractional investment, secure rentals, seamless property sales, real estate tokenization, property management and much more.